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For Those Who Hear Actual Voices, Room 40, 2004

Something that sounds a little like music. Loops, improvisations and devices. “….it is hard to see the appeal of such dated motifs…” Jonathan Marchall, Real Time Magazine, Australia.  ……each track sticks to quite a short running time (some under 3 minutes) which allows the album to ebb and flow like the sea, with different textures and sonic explorations washing over your head. More than a mere ‘ambient’ album, Trow has forged a deep and exploratory journey through synthesis, and it’s one that could be enjoyed by a majority of listeners…” Boomkat UK. “Zane Trow presents a glutinous amniotic fluid of noise that seethes and spits…” Max Schaefer, the Squids Ear, Manhattan, NYC.” “….a graceful flow and almost supernatural glow that Trow heightens through subtle looping, delay, and laptop mulching… (a) piece of nearly perfect ambient, and for the uninitiated, well, imagine what it’d be like to listen to a million shades of blue, and you’re getting there.” Joe Tangari, Pitchfork, Chicago, IL. “….oceans of sound on which faint textures and melodies cause small yet dramatic ripples. What might sound a bit like abstract, shapeless art is in fact a collection of very melodic, beautiful tracks, 5 stars.” Andreas Stuhlmann, Real Tokyo.


An experiment about sound in…sleep. “It’s worth noting that Melatonin acquires greater force cumulatively, as a piece heard in isolation impresses less than when heard in the context of the full set. To some degree that can be explained by the fact that one gradually becomes attuned to the glacial, meditative pace the longer one is exposed to it, as one’s experience of time is re-calibrated.” Stylus Magazine, Canada.

On Isolation

The concepts of isolation – in social, geographic and virtual settings have spawned various creative investigations over the centuries. These recordings were made in response to a call to interpret senses of disconnection, isolation and solitude. “Another outstanding release form the superb Room40 label […] modern minimalism rarely sounds this good… highly, highly recommended.” Smallfish, UK. “‘On Isolation’ is a tasty compilation, well chosen and sequenced and worth everyone’s time.” Bagatellen. I have rarely heard such a successful collection of minimal experimental music…Boomkat, UK.

An Evening With Room 40

A compilation mixed in Tokyo December 2005 and released to subscribers of the Wire in March 06.


compilation for the Wire to celebrate the ten years of Room 40 released September 2010. ” Zane Trow’s ‘Initled’ is some marvelously beautiful stuff ” – solipsistic NATION, San Diego, USA.

Telek & Serious Tam

An honour to add loops & synth “bilas” to these two recordings. George Telek is a remarkable artist and a joy to work with.

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