events and projects

The Alpha Project

Room 40 and Improbable Futures presented The Alpha Project at South Bank parklands using their large outdoor screen, to bring together a number of sound artists working live with film. Scanner presented his live re-working of the Jean Luc Goddard film Alphaville soundtrack and Mike Cooper presented his live soundtrack to Sunrise by FW Murau with the I/O 3. 

Big River

Big River: Soundings on the Lower Yarra, was a collaborative exhibition between Vivienne Mehes (photography), jetje (poetry), Zane Trow (music) and Jenny Lee (historian) in 1995 at the Scienceworks Museum for the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts. Big River used images, sound and text to illuminate the landscape of the lower Yarra and reflect on that landscape’s meanings to the people who live and work around it. The materials for the exhibition were assembled over two years of work around the river, talking to people, taking photographs, recording sounds, and messing around in boats – a collaborative project involving four people working in different media, sometimes together, sometimes apart. Each of us approached the project from a different perspective. The exhibition itself included many different voices and images – not only our own, but also those of people in the river community.

This Text Has Legs

With CIRCA – new circus ensemble – This Text Has Legs was a live, mostly improvised performance work, featuring new circus performance and live sound manipulations. Audience members live texted statements, observations, poems, instructions and insults to a large screen as an integral part of the performance. The Artistic Director was Yaron Lifschitz; performers Darcy Grant, Chelsea McGuffin, David Sampford, Rockie Stone; Zane Trow, Lawrence English; Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Brisbane, March 22-26.

Once Only

Once Only was a Live Art performance event in September 07 at Metro Arts centre in Brisbane. It was also the start of an international exchange project with UK artist Michael Mayhew, which concluded at Exist in 08. Once Only was two nights of performances featuring live artists Kylie Hicks, Alicia Jones and Richelle Spence and Rebecca Cunningham. I presented the second in a series of performances entitled “Marcuse/Utopia Future/Past”. See the Once Only catalogue and poster.

Exist in 08

Exist emerged from the discreet and continuous growth of Live Art practice in and around Brisbane. This independent, local practice was historically linked with the first visit of local artists Lisa O’Neil and Brian Lucas to the National Review of Live Art (NRLA) in 98 & 99 and NRLA’s reciprocal visit to the Brisbane Powerhouse in 2000.

Performance Art and Live Art making has created shifting operations of independent networks across borders since forever; these independent networks have been an essential element in building a sustainable, global practice that constantly addresses concerns about human rights, identity, social justice and the individuals relationship to power. Exist was six days in Brisbane (Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and Metro Arts) and Toowoomba (USQ Artsworx). Evening performances included local, national and international durational works, solo and collaborative projects. Afternoons saw local emerging artists in a “dias” program. A series of artist breakfast talks and discussions were held together with researchers, students and audiences each morning. Skype hubs linked gallery spaces and artist-run-initiatives in regional Queensland with the performances and forums in Brisbane. See the exist_in_08_catalogue and the exist in 08_poster.

Thanatonauts – an Igneous film project

Thanatonauts – was a film soundtrack and collaboration for Igneous -Suzon Fuks and James Cunningham. This project also included Brisbane sound artist Andrew Kettle and Indian dancer and teacher Vinildas Gurukkal and was an all round joy to work on. The video takes Death as a land that can be visited, layered with interviews of people sharing their personal perceptions and experiences. Inspired by the French author Bernard Werber’s novel “Les Thanatonautes”, in which Death – the last frontier – is navigated and charted, the video combines stories, contemporary dance, Kalaripayatt (South Indian martial art), and original music and soundscape. Interviews with Brisbane locals are interwoven throughout the video.